American football is not a popular sport. However, it is the most watched sport in the USA. Thus, the average attendance at an NFL match is 65-70 thousand people. By comparison, football meetings in the Bundesliga are attended by an average of 45,000 fans.

Considering such a widespread presence of American football betting, it couldn’t help but interest bookmakers. That’s why today you can american football betting even in legal betting shops on our website pro100bet.


Types of bets on American football

In American football you can do almost all the same bets as in the usual soccer. That means that the most popular bet is on the outcome of the match. A win for one team or the other is possible.

A draw is a rare exception, which is almost impossible, so a draw may not even be included in the american football live betting line-up. If, however, the teams are tied in regulation time, an extra time will be scheduled, during which the winner will be determined.

When playing in Live, predictions can be made for American football betting to win in the quarter. Roughly evenly matched teams rarely finish a match with a win in all quarters for the same team. So if one team wins two quarters, it is possible to bet on their opponent to win the third quarter. In case of a loss, repeat the bet, but for a bigger amount, for the 4th quarter.

Bets can be placed on the total points total. It should be taken into account whether extra time is taken into account or not. The total can be bet not only on the whole match, but also on half of it, or on a separate quarter. In addition, bookmakers take bets with handicaps. Such bets can also be placed for the whole match, half or quarter. Another standard bet for football is to win a quarter/match.


American football live betting

No American football betting strategy will bring you winnings if you don’t analyze the upcoming matches intelligently and in detail. First of all, you should evaluate the form of the quarterback – the main player of the team. The success of the whole team depends on his readiness and condition. If the main quarterback gets injured, the team’s chances of winning are drastically reduced.

The home field factor is very important in American football. That’s because the fans are very supportive of their teams. On average the home team has a 3 point advantage over the away team. However, some teams are not so affected by the home field, and show roughly the same performance both at home and away. By looking at the statistics of the recent meetings, you can identify these teams and use the information to place some winning american football betting.

Game schedules are not as important for the National Football League as they are for the NBA or NHL. The fact is that matches are played once a week on average, so athletes have enough time to fully recover. It is worth noting, that in American football the battle is always fought to the end. Even if a team has lost tournament motivation, they will not give up, and can still quite easily beat even the leader of the standings.

If you decide to bet on American football, it is better to prefer the championship within the NFL. Only this tournament has a minimum margin, which varies from 1.5% to 3% in different bookies. Besides that there is a lot of online data for this championship, which can be used for full analysis and winning bets at pro100bet

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