Beach Volleyball or Beach Volley on a sandy court is a vibrant and dynamic team game. It is a relatively young sport that is mesmerising in its beauty. It was born in California and officially became an Olympic sport in 1993. The game has a lot of fans all over the world. Many people are keen on sports betting and make beach volleyball an important source of income from the comfort of their own homes.

Features of beach volleyball betting

This team game is promoted in countries with well developed resorts, holiday areas. It is especially popular in Latin America and southern Europe. Athletes from Brazil, Spain, Germany and the United States achieve excellent results in international beach volleyball tournaments. The two teams are placed on opposite sides of the net. The different teams throw the ball over the net and try to keep it from landing in their own half of the court. Betting is a familiar betting game for experienced bettors. Beach Volleyball is easy to analyse, as only four athletes need to be tested at any given time. The main types of bets on this team sport include

  • on the exact score – you have to choose one of the four options;
  • on the outcome – by games to two wins, there is no draw;
  • on handicaps: the total number of points is taken into account;
  • Total is a very risky bet, which is decided by experienced bettors.

Players prefer to place their bets at the bookmakers’ offices, so that they know the teams’ tactics in time. They also pay a lot of attention to the performance of the players and their physical condition during competitions.

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