Apart from boxing, there are many types of martial arts in the world, each of them a priori unique and worthy of respect. However, boxing stands out among them above all for its dynamism, spectacle and high demands on fighting technique. Moreover, it has become even more interesting, because you can boxing sports betting and win big money.


The beginning of the modern history of boxing betting

Boxing betting is still a popular contact sport. It is practiced in hundreds of countries around the world. For boxing predictions today and for the next fights, it is worth checking out the special sites that provide analytics on the sport.

Boxing has changed in other ways too. It has produced superstars and sports idols, from Muhammad Ali to Ali Floyd “Money” Mayweather. Thanks to increased prizes, boxers can now make millions in the ring and enthusiastic spectators can get their share of the betting. Betting services such as boxing betting today have changed the picture of modern boxing.


The emergence of online boxing betting

The main feature of modern boxing betting is that tournaments in the sport are relatively rare. The fights take place no more than three times a week. Moreover, the real stars of boxing enter the ring only a few times a year, so betting on boxing requires attention and observation, because you have to predict the possible outcome of the fight of little-known fighters.


Types of boxing betting online

Due to the fact that there is a draw in this sport, bookmakers have additional opportunities for a lucrative deal. You can do this online in the following ways:

  • betting on the outcome: the victory of one of the fighters or a draw, which is still rare, but happens;
  • on total rounds: the number of rounds in the bout;
  • on the possibility of ending the fight (early victory);
  • on Knockout: only bets on the end of the fight in this way.

Depending on the bookmaker, other betting options may be available, of which there are always many when it comes to title fights. You can boxing betting today online and at any time of the fight. For example, you can bet on the outcome of each round, on the end of the fight in a particular round, as well as on the knockdown of the boxers in the rounds.

What guides the betting? Every detail counts: from the age and popularity of the fighter to the best time to bet at the betting shops. Check out information on upcoming boxing fights with bets before you make your decision.


Boxing history: 8 fun facts

Here are some interesting facts from the history of the beloved contact sport:

  1. The first evidence of boxing as a sport dates back to the early Bronze Age, when Sumerian artefacts with engravings depicting fist fighting were found in Iraq.
  2. Sources from that period depicted boxers wearing prototypes of modern boxing gloves.
  3. In ancient Greece competitions were held for fun and betting on boxing, and in the 7th century BC it became an official Olympic sport.
  4. In ancient Rome, metal spikes were sometimes sewn into the glove skin. For this reason matches usually ended in the death of the losing boxer.
  5. In the initial boxing leagues there was no weight limit. This meant that the larger weight classes could fight the smaller ones without any interference from the referees.
  6. After Ancient Rome, the history of boxing moves to London, where the sport was born on bare knuckles. No gloves, no tape, no hand protection – only bare knuckles and competition for money, jewels.
  7. The founder of modern boxing was John Broughton. He was the first man in the world to document the rules of boxing and then fist fights. He invented the sport of boxing in 1743.
  8. For a long time there was a strict ban on boxing in the US. Public competitions were banned until 1900. Despite this, boxing was actively developing in America.

The modern history of boxing shows that this sport has become more civilized in the last two decades and has turned into a full-fledged martial art. You can check upcoming boxing bets online, make a profitable bet.

  • no hidden fees;
  • favorable terms of betting;
  • possibility of minimum bets;
  • nice interface;
  • 24-hour support;
  • own app and analytics.

If you want to boxing betting online according to a specific strategy, you can use the technique of betting on the underdog until it wins.

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